Thank You!

Hi folks

I wanted to just say a very quick thank you. I now have 14 followers by Worpress and email. Fourteen people who are interested in reading my self-analytical ramblings 🙂 I have a few post ideas stacked up and am getting more each day so you should see a fairly steady stream of stuff from me although I am not imposing any schedule on myself, that would only lead to a lower quality of post and feelings of guilt if/when I missed deadlines; I want to keep this upbeat and positive!

I am learning so much about myself, partially from writing and partly from reading other bloggers on WordPress. I am following loads of people who are in a similar boat to me, or who are at a much more developed stage in their sexual self awareness. I am making progress, and I will share that with you all as I go along.

Do you want to know anything in particular? Any questions? Any requests?

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