Finding Unity Within Your Sexuality

A great post about relaxing and letting yourself be yourself and seeing the beauty where you can. It speaks to me as I am stripping away the years of self-repression and learning to accept the real me and all my tastes and likes without self-judgment or censor.


I was introduced to a friend through a mate one night. ‘Twas a pleasant night, lots of laugh, you know how it goes. Afterward, when I was heading back with my mate, she says how her friend, the one introduced to me, seems to talk about women quite a bit – celebrities, size of their breasts, etc. All in front of her own boyfriend, who she has been with for quite some time.

People talk about this friend and her comments. It’s nothing rude or offensive, it just happens to the point where we wonder if maybe she’s longing to be with a women. Maybe she is scared to leave the comfort of her relationship to tackle the unknown, or to not hurt this man?

I used to be like that. I used to think of a man jerking off and find it hot — but then get into a panic…

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One thought on “Finding Unity Within Your Sexuality

  1. When some people find they have a same-sex attraction, it can be disturbing and exciting in turns, depending on their thoughts about such things. That this woman talks about women in that fashion could mean she has such an attraction or it could mean that she’s doing all this talking because she’s got some self-image issues that gets “worked out” by talking about the attributes of celebrities – we just seem to be so enamoured of celebs, aren’t we? – but I’d have to say that if anyone wanted to know why she behaves the way she does, ask her and maybe she’ll explain it.

    I think about men jerking off all the time and it is hot… but I’m way past being panicky about it and I’d guess that if one feels that rush of excitement – and then panics – it’s probably because men aren’t supposed to find other men masturbating exciting… even though it really is.


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