Finding Unity Within Your Sexuality

A great post about relaxing and letting yourself be yourself and seeing the beauty where you can. It speaks to me as I am stripping away the years of self-repression and learning to accept the real me and all my tastes and likes without self-judgment or censor.


I was introduced to a friend through a mate one night. ‘Twas a pleasant night, lots of laugh, you know how it goes. Afterward, when I was heading back with my mate, she says how her friend, the one introduced to me, seems to talk about women quite a bit – celebrities, size of their breasts, etc. All in front of her own boyfriend, who she has been with for quite some time.

People talk about this friend and her comments. It’s nothing rude or offensive, it just happens to the point where we wonder if maybe she’s longing to be with a women. Maybe she is scared to leave the comfort of her relationship to tackle the unknown, or to not hurt this man?

I used to be like that. I used to think of a man jerking off and find it hot — but then get into a panic…

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Thank You!

Hi folks

I wanted to just say a very quick thank you. I now have 14 followers by Worpress and email. Fourteen people who are interested in reading my self-analytical ramblings 🙂 I have a few post ideas stacked up and am getting more each day so you should see a fairly steady stream of stuff from me although I am not imposing any schedule on myself, that would only lead to a lower quality of post and feelings of guilt if/when I missed deadlines; I want to keep this upbeat and positive!

I am learning so much about myself, partially from writing and partly from reading other bloggers on WordPress. I am following loads of people who are in a similar boat to me, or who are at a much more developed stage in their sexual self awareness. I am making progress, and I will share that with you all as I go along.

Do you want to know anything in particular? Any questions? Any requests?