So it begins….

Right then, what’s it all about?

It is a known fact that writing about significant event’s in one’s life can help understand them better. That is essentially why diaries have been so popular for centuries. Most diaries are never meant for anyone other than the writer to read them and the value isn’t so much in the reading anyway, it’s in the writing.

Writing slows us down. It takes more mental effort to think about something and then write than it does to just think and have the thoughts drift away again and be replaced by the mundane world. In this way the thoughts that we capture in the written word tend to be clearer and better formed. I say tend to be because nothing is certain or guaranteed, but this does highlight another benefit of writing especially in the modern world; editing! I wrote the “About Me” section (See the link in the header above) several times and published it at least a couple before settling on it’s current form, and I am sure it will change again!

So one aim of this blog is to help me order my thoughts.

Another less selfish aim is to help anyone who is going through what I am. Not that I am having a traumatic time or anything, quite the opposite in fact, but coming out to yourself is a BIG thing. You are acknowledging that you have been deceiving yourself. Coming out to others has another set of difficulties I am sure, but the deception can at least be justified internally. Again, this doesn’t have to be a negative thing but it is a thing.

So, dear reader, that’s my basic reasoning for starting this blog. I am hoping to post regularly and also hoping that it will be interesting, informative and at least a little fun! Some ideas I currently have for posts include :

Childhood – were there signs that I can remember?

Teen years – did I really just like Adam Ant and Boy George for their music? I fantasized about Madonna and Fuzzbox, did I about these guys too?

Young Adulthood – repression of the truth, more signs….neon ones…in pink….

The wonderful now.

Should I come out publicly?

I also want to use this as a bit of an outlet for sharing my thoughts and interests in general. My second post was a picture of David Bowie, expect more along those lines as well as some of my own photography and maybe even some poetry every now and then.

All that remains to be said is that if you are still reading, please subscribe either by the button on the right or the email form below and you will get posts as I publish them.

See you next time!